What We Do

We help gaming companies use data and technology to evolve operating models to meet legal and compliance requirements, to manage and record risk and to reduce costs. Safe Comply create and develop both off the shelf and bespoke solutions which enable gaming companies to meet increasing legal and compliance requirements and allow them to spend valuable internal resources on innovation and product development.

Platform Technologies

SafeComply Technologies has created SafeGuard, a risk management too with focus on AML and RG, which enables gaming operators to monitor, profile, escalate and report on their customer base. Fields and escalation can be modelled to suit your business and risk flags designed to match your internal risk assessment.

SafeComply Technologies is developing ProCess, a procurement and contact workflow management tool which will enable gambling operators to appropriately manage workflow, contract approvals, recording of contractual risks and central terms as well as to ensure SLA’s are met across procurement, commercial, financial and legal departments. ProCess will also manage contract terminations and expires, with accurate and easy reporting of contract renewals and end dates.

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Bespoke Technologies

SafeComply have a team of experts in gaming compliance and technology whom are are able to assist you in building bespoke compliance and legal workflow platform to suit your specific needs.

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