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Our Headcount Solutions provide innovative and practical end to end legal and compliance service solutions for igaming companies. We offer a range of consultancy/ outsourcing and recruitment models (including hybrids) to help you model your legal and compliance function to suit your business or to try a permanent in house solution for size before you invest in permanent headcount.

We can assist in managing or supporting your in house legal and compliance functions and assisting with specialist recruitment (and onboarding) of legal and compliance roles within your in house team. We aim to build a long term relationship with your igaming business, with the promise: once we recruit for you, we will not recruit from you, meaning we are breaking the mould of the igaming recruitment companies whom seek largely to poach directly from their client’s head count.

Outsourcing & Consultancy

We provide onsite or remote outsourced headcount solutions to assist with your legal and compliance requirements. We provide common sense translation of complicated external legal advice or will provide the same directly and apply it to your business. We ensure that compliance requirements are applied in the most pragmatic way into your operations.

SafeComply Headcount lawyers or consultants work as part of your team at your offices for as long as you need providing Ideal cover for employee gaps, employee “churn” or other absences and to provide heavy lifting assistance on ad hoc projects, providing on-call expertise without the overheads.

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Recruitment & Onboarding

We are specialists within in house recruitment and on boarding of full legal and compliance functions into complex fast change and high growth igaming operations, including specifically identifying legal and compliance talent from similar industries and training such talent in igaming specifics so that you don’t have to.

We offer end to end solutions, from designing the structure of your legal and compliance function, with reference to your specific group structure and future strategy, to drafting relevant job descriptions, undertaking the full recruitment process  (including full means testing of candidates to ensure capability) and onboarding the same into gaming regulation and gaming specific contracts and your company.

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We can design hybrid solutions where we assist in recruiting permanent headcount into your business and then provide support to that function via our consultants, providing a flexible in house Head Count arrangement for your igaming business.

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